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        With comprehensive test prep packages, you can shake off test stress and be confident in your future studies.

        Our personalized, in-depth test prep classes help our students on average to achieve 155 points more on the SAT and 38 points higher on the TOEFL!

        Who is The Test Prep Company?

        The Test Prep Company prides itself in helping students who are wanting to study in American universities to maximize their score for the required entrance tests, such us the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, TOELF or DUOLINGO exams. The Test Prep Company offers personalized 1:1 sessions with highly experienced tutors, who specialize in these tests, and will walk through with you exactly what you need to know to achieve success. We've helped hundreds of students from over a dozen countries to get into universities like Harvard, and to increase their chances of maximizing scholarship opportunities. Our focus is on the strategy behind the tests, as well as 1:1 coaching to help students boost their score as much as possible. For any more info, contact us through the form on this page!


        Alejandra Rodriguez

        Co-founder / Test prep Specialist


        Harrison Fowler


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        We believe in personal, 1-1 tutoring with a real person, not a video series, from the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the world. No DIY text books. No stuffy classrooms. Just test prep the way it should be.


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        Why The Test Prep Company?

        Having the right attitude and head space as you prepare for your exam, let alone take it on exam day, is 90% of the battle. Our classes are designed to give you an in-depth overview of the exam. We do this by breaking down the exam so you know what it is really asking. When you understand what the exam is really about, and are mentally prepared because you understand it, you’re ready for exam day.
        Take your classes anytime, anywhere. You pick your schedule. On the road? Not a problem. Want to fit a few classes in from the beach? Not a problem. Our online classes can be taken from wherever you find yourself today.

        We Take the Headaches Out of Test Prep

        Applying to an undergraduate program in the US and need to pass the SAT or ACT? Applying for an MBA program and need to ace the GMAT and TOEFL exams? Need help with familiarizing yourself with the Duolingo English Test format and test questions so you don’t have to take it again? Our one-on-one test prep classes and proven approach have got you covered.


        What Are Our Students Saying?

        Niklas K.
        My name is Niklas and I will go to college in the US as a student athlete next year. For me, as a very ambitious student, scoring high on the SAT and the TOEFL tests was very important for me. To achieve this goal, my sports agency recommended The Test Prep Company. We immediately started practicing for the TOEFL test together. At first, I was really overwhelmed by the difficulty of the test and I was really struggling, but after a few lessons with my tutor, my understanding for the test and its questions totally improved and so I received a TOEFL score of 102 points, even though I wasn’t taking English classes at school anymore. I was very happy with this result! I always enjoyed our lessons and my language skills really improved a lot. Additionally, I also received an academic scholarship and I’m so grateful for my tutor, Alejandra, for helping me to get to that point.
        Sarah H.
        Alejandra’s lessons were very helpful for me to improve my English speaking and grammar skills. She’s a natural and sympathetic person! I can absolutely recommend The Test Prep Company for everyone who wants to take the TOEFL test.
        Wiebke R.
        Before my first SAT test I had two sessions with Ms. Rodriguez from The Test Prep Company in order to get ready for the test. We did a lot of exercises together and I felt a lot more comfortable about the three sections of reading, writing and math. I was aware about the types of exercises I would have to face in the real test, because we studied real tests with original test questions. These taught me how to handle them in the real test. When I took the SAT test a second time, I prepared again with Ms. Rodriguez and was able to increase my first score (1060) by 120 points to 1220. This would not have been possible without the help and support of The Test Prep Company and my tutor, Ms. Rodriguez. In general, I took the test in order to achieve an athletic scholarship in the USA and the SAT test improvement to 1220 points enabled me to get a higher scholarship and to reach my goal of studying at a US university.
        Alessandro A.
        I started to take SAT classes with Alejandra in September 2019. I was already quite good in math, but I had to improve a lot on the English side of things. I had the exam on the 4th of October and my score before working with my tutor, Alejandra, was around 1100, but to be accepted in the best Universities of the United States I had to get more than 1200 on the SAT. I was taking 2 classes per week for one month and it really helped me to improve both my math and my English skills. I was so happy when I got my SAT test result from when I took it on the 4th of October. I got 1250, 620 in Math and 630 in English! It was a pleasure to work with Alejandra and The Test Prep Company!
        Tim D.
        I just got my score of the TOEFL!I have 71 points. I am so happy because for my college in the US where I will study, I needed 61 points. Thank you so much for your great support!!!

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